Transferring cargo from one tanker to another (also known as STS) has gained popularity in Indonesia. The operations involving a mother tanker as temporary floating storage and a fleet feeder tanker is carried out in an area approved by the port authority. Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, LNG/LPG, and/or Chemicals will be transported from refinery, loaded onto the mother vessel then distributed by feeder tankers/daughter vessels.

Ship-to-ship transfer service is a delicate process that requires a combination of high-quality equipment and expert supervision. These may include the coordination and supervision of STS transfer operations on behalf of clients.

STS transfers can also be conducted on a rapid deployment basis in emergency situations. All transfers are carried out in accordance with local, international and industry guidelines. Transfers can take place between vessels of any size and a variety of cargoes can be transferred including crude oil, white and black petroleum products, LPG/LNG, as well as bulk cargoes. This can be conducted either underway or at anchor.

We will work closely with you to review your operational requirements, aligning our processes to your needs, to offer you a complete STS transfer solutions.


All operations are conducted in accordance with the guidelines set out by Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) ship-to-ship transfer guide and the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) guidelines, MARPOL Chapter 8, Annex-1, Regulations 40-42. Industry best practices are strictly followed as per the CDI/ICS/OCIMF/ SIGTTO Ship-to-Ship transfer guide for petroleum, chemicals and liquefied gases.  

Our STS operations also comply with all international and local statutory law and MARPOL requirements and are carried out in line with INDOPROFSETIA’s strict compliance and ethics policies.

Furthermore, with our in-house Mooring Masters (POAC) and their comprehensive global experience of both commercial as well as emergency STS transfer operations, we ensure that all our operations are conducted in line with all applicable industry standards.

Each operation includes:
• The approach manuevres
• Mooring
• Hose connection/disconnection
• Cargo transfer
• Unmooring



Our STS location in Batu Ampar anchorage has equipped with the Floating Storage Unit (FSU) services by using very large vessels as the floating oil storage (crude oil, petroleum products or chemicals); Shall be obliged to keep the oil in tanks within the agreed period of time, doing blending as per client’s request; the quality, specifications and quantity as prescribed by the customers.

With the increasing fuel consumption in Asia and restrictions on land use for construction of additional onshore tank terminals in Singapore which is the Asian fuel trading hub, FSU vessels have been used as substitutes for fuel storage and ship-to-ship transfer of fuel trading operators which reduced port expenses and the waiting time, and had no restrictions on tidal height level at ports.



INDOPROFSETIA provides full port agency services in Batam ports for an efficient and smooth turn around call for vessels of all types.


  • Registering vessel’s call in accordance with local regulations
  • Arranging pilotage, mooring gang and towage (if needed) for arrival and departure of the vessel
  • Keeping concerned parties fully up-dated regarding prospects and vessel’s port stay
  • Monitoring on all port operations, stevedoring and cargo handling
  • Arranging contractors for vessel repairs, surveys, spares, ship stores, etc.
  • Arranging waste removal service
  • Accurate and timely production of Pro-forma and final disbursement accounts with all supporting documents.
  • Port call documentation



PT PELAYARAN INDOPROF SETIA, recognizes that every client is unique and they also have their own requirements and demands that may need to be fulfilled thus we will consult and provide a customized solution, complete with a needs analysis and a detailed proposal tailored to meet your specific needs in terms of products, timelines and destinations.

Other value-added services available include:
• Documentation preparation
• Inventory Management
• On-Time Scheduling
• High Volume Order Selection

Our people will work with you to ensure that you have an efficient and cost affective system in place. We will help to analyze, identify areas for improvement and develop solution that brings results.

Rest assured, regardless of the size of your company or project, you can count on us to provide a level of services that is second to none.

We have the ability to meet our client’s individual needs as well as the market’s future demands. Every move is planned and executed with high regard to safety and on-time delivery.



As a safe, dependable and efficient supplier of high-quality fuels, we offer excellent bunkering services at very competitive prices for large and small vessels.

The customer and operation services are managed by our team of well qualified and experienced on-going personnel working 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year, including weekends and public holidays. Detailed delivery procedures form is part of all contracts with our customers and will be processed and monitored. These are all outlined in our Bunker Delivery Protocol.

We use all our knowledge and experience on fuel delivery on board a vessel. Every order will be monitored by our operation staff from nomination to physical supply, day & night guaranteeing a fast and on time delivery as agreed on close liaison with your operation department and/or your port agent.

When doing business with PT PELAYARAN INDOPROF SETIA, we promise the best service we can offer.

Our final target is to secure these key benefits to you:
• Competitive prices
• Reliable product quality and availability
• Negotiable payment terms
• Assured deliveries to specification
• Highest possible level of service
• Specialized market knowledge



The Laying-up of ships is one option available for ship owners to reduced transportation demand, increased capacity and lowering freight and charters rates which become the major concern in the industry with our proper management and proper care during the lay-up operations

We offer vast array of specialized response equipments and support from a dedicated team of logistics specialists.

Periodic inspection (daily, weekly, monthly) of the laid-up vessel consisting of visual inspection and periodic operation are carried out. These will ensure the continued preservation of the machineries according to standards and recommendations. All operations will be reported for further actions.

The key benefits of lay-up services:
• Effective planning & management support
• Reduced manning costs during long lay-up periods
• Preventing long-term stand still damages
• Guaranteed protection for all the equipment to ensure the sustainability of the value

PT PELAYARAN INDOPROF SETIA will ensure to provide the best lay-up services and maintenance according to client’s specific requirements

Laid Up Planning – Vessel Double Banking

Vessels will be anchored and arranged in designated location areas.

Application Safe Manning with Supporting Services

5 vessels double banking – 10 persons / Crews Onboard

• Master
• 2nd Officers
• 2nd Engineer
• 3rd Engineer
• Cook
• 2 per – AB
• 2 per – Greaser



Our personnel are well trained and backed with many years of experience to offer an efficient and effective solution. We understand the legal and regulatory import/export complexities and offer value-added customs related services to move your shipments through customs quickly & smoothly. Convenience of the customers is taken care of by finalization of the proper documents, procedures, etc; and by saving the client from complex administrative procedures. Our services include:

• Customs Documentations – import & export
• Customs Clearance & Handling
• Examination of Handling
• Handling of Stuffing & de-Stuffing at ports
• ICD’s and Customers warehouse
• Pre-Arrival Processing & Monitoring
• Duty Refunds
• Drawback Claims
• Commodity Opinions and Rulings
• Import Permit Processing
• Logistics Consulting & Management
• Ship to Ship Permit



Our team is available to assist clients, from basic supply to all engineering needs. Deck Stores, Cabin Stores, Hard wares, Lubricants, Chemicals, Ship Chandler or any spare parts, we offer very competitive pricing to cater to needs of shipping industry.

Not only we can provide the usual technical and mechanical equipment and minor spare parts, but we can also provide a wide variety of fresh quality products, meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables, fresh water, bonded cigarettes, beers, liquors, office supplies, certain chemicals, cleaning materials, etc. In addition, bonded stores can be arranged, also available: All of the above can be delivered in both small and large quantities in a proper time both alongside the jetty and/or off-shore.

Quality is our main concern and we will deliver only the best quality products and workforce to ensure we give our best to our clients. With INDOPROFSETIA we fully understand the sense of urgency present in the marine industry. As such, our professional services are available round the clock to fulfil the needs of ship owners and offshore operators – and at very competitive prices too.

Our company ultimately aims to build a long-lasting partnership with our clients. We believe that our personalized service, together with our deep understanding of client’s needs, is the key to providing total customer satisfaction.



Crew Change is an important process which helps vessels to operate smoothly. INDOPROFSETIA has a group of expertise which is ready to arrange the vessel crew change at any Indonesia’s port or at Batam Transit Anchorage Area (BTAA).

Batam Hang Nadim International Airport, being part of Free Trade and Free Port Zone is a very comfortable place to travel/transit to. Flexible travel regulations for seafarers and visa policy make crew change in Batam faster and cheaper. Batam Hang Nadim airport has a good routing flight to another Indonesian and International Airports. Relatively short distance between airport and port terminals saves much time, as seaman can reach the ship in just 1 or 2 hour after arrival to airport.


  • Meeting at the airport / sea port
  • Immigration and customs formalities
  • Visa on arrival if necessary
  • Hotel accommodation if needed
  • Transfers by convenient car
  • Meals
  • Launch boat
  • Medical help/check-up